Preventive Dentistry

A smile a day keeps the dentist happy. Or at least, that’s how we feel here at Smile Dental. Your smile matters to us, and we would like to help you take care of it. We advocate preventive dentistry, which quite simply means this: prevention is better than cure.

Your smile may be brilliant now, but without proper dental care, the good times are not likely to last. The build up of plaque and tartar deposits around your teeth over time can cause a condition known as periodontitis. Periodontitis not only affects your precious chompers, but the supporting gums and bone too. To make it worse, the bacteria found in these deposits are now being linked to other medical problems such as heart disease and premature births – definitely smile- stoppers!

We recommend a regular dental check up every 6 months to keep diseases like Periodontitis at bay. Regular cleaning and hygiene therapy is not enough. For example, sometimes leaking tooth fillings must be replaced to prevent oral bacteria from invading and starting a new decay. But problems like this are best nipped in the bud. We have the means to run preventive diagnostic tests like x- rays to detect decay and aid in the diagnosis of oral diseases if necessary.

Appointments & Consultations
We also specialise in the other fields of dental health procedures, and will suggest a suitable treatment after an assessment of your dental health. Our practices are Medisave-approved and most surgical procedures can be claimed or subsidised. Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS/CMBC) cards are also accepted at our clinics. For any enquiries, please contact us here. Our friendly staff will be glad to assist you. And with a smile too.